Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival turns 44

Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival turns 44

Over October 4 and 5 in Madison, Wisconsin, cannabis advocates celebrated the 44th annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival, yet despite playing host to one of the oldest marijuana rallies in the nation and a noted Progressive history, Wisconsin does not have a medical marijuana law and also has some of the toughest cannabis possession penalties of any state … to find out more about this year’s harvest gathering and the distinct political challenges of reforming marijuana laws in Wisconsin, CRN’s Brian Bahouth spoke with Gary Storck, a long-time cannabis activist in Wisconsin, co-founder of Is My Medicine Legal Yet and a board member of The League of Marijuana Voters, the group that recently posted the first medical marijuana billboard in Wisconsin


Music credits as reported through the Public Radio Exchange, in order of appearance:
Title: Legal Medicine Blues
Artist: performed by The Avalons (Rick Harris and Mark Shanahan)
Date: 2001