Competing Marijuana Ballot Measures in Santa Ana

The city of Santa Ana in Orange County , California imposed a ban on medical marijuana collectives and cooperatives in 2007, and this November voters will consider a pair of competing ballot measures that would both end the ban but impose very different sets of regulations.  For insight, CRN’s Brian Bahouth spoke with Kandice Hawes,  Executive Director of Orange County NORML and Principle Officer of the Committee to Support... listen

Colorado Edibles Work Group Wrestles with Regulations

Colorado Department of Public Health authorities suggested a near ban on the sales of cannabis infused edibles Monday; enraged members of the industry group working to formulate new regulations for marijuana infused edibles in the state pressed back; and by the end of the day the state relented on its suggestions.  The Colorado state legislature impaneled the work group to further refine edibles regulations.  The members will meet again... listen

Will Alaska’s Libertarian Legacy Resonate in 2014 Marijuana Vote?

In 1975 the Alaska Supreme Court ruled the state’s constitutional right to privacy protected citizens ability to grow and possess limited amounts of marijuana.  Cannabis laws in the state have been tightened since then, but as Alaskans decide on Measure 2 this November, will the deep Libertarian bent for privacy behind the 1975 court decision inspire voters to regulate marijuana like alcohol in 2014? For more on Alaska’s history with... listen

Cannabis Radio News #14

In this edition of Cannabis Radio News, Jax Finkel, Deputy Director for Texas NORML and originator of the ambitious 2014 Texas NORML Voters’ Guide tells us about unprecedented efforts to legalize marijuana in Texas.  Josh Hendrix, President and founder of the Kentucky Hemp Industries Association, tells us about his hemp harvest tour of Kentucky.  And finally Pete Melanhead discusses his new vapour lounge in Hamilton, Ontario.  A rocking five... listen

Students Protest Zero Tolerance Eviction Policy, Again

Last week, Rowan University students in Glassboro, New Jersey held the fourth annual Box City Protest, an assembly in which activists slept outside in cardboard boxes to protest the university’s policy of evicting drug offenders from student housing after a first offense, the drug policy plight of most college students in the US … for some insight, CRN’s Brian Bahouth spoke with Lisa Tischio, President of the Rowan University chapter of Students for... listen

Texas Rearing Back to Legalize

Texans cannot reform marijuana laws through an initiative process, so activists are focused on change through a state legislature that meets for a furious 140 day session every two years.  The next session begins soon after the New Year, and there is an unprecedented focus on electing cannabis friendly candidates this November to support a trio of marijuana bills in the works … for details, CRN’s Brian Bahouth spoke... listen

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